Pre 1933 U.S. Gold

Each of these Gold coins survived the 1933 legislation from President Roosevelt that prohibited Americans from holding monetary Gold, ordering all Gold coins to be sent back to the Treasury. These rare surviving Gold coins are exceptionally collectible and are highly sought-after by collectors and investors all over the world because off their rarity and beauty. These U.S. Gold coins date as far back as 1795, providing a glimpse into one of the first uses of U.S. coinage. While denominations vary, each coin has seen an important part of history unfold whether through its design or the denomination itself. They include $1.00, $2.50, $5.00, $10 Gold coins and $20 Gold coins. Federal government recalls and meltdowns made these previously common Gold coins very rare. Today, the surviving Pre-1933 Gold U.S. coins are fixed at an extremely limited supply. This fact has made Pre-1933 Gold coins some of the most desirable items among collectors and investors. The historical significance of these coins are vitally important and will provide diversity and significance to any collection. These rare coins hold tremendous value and include popular Gold coins including Pre-1933 Gold Eagles, the Double Liberty Gold and the Gold Quarter Eagle.

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