The value of the coin can be influenced by its quality or condition.  Imperfections that make the coin lose its eye appeal cause the decrease in coin value. However, there may be coin imperfections that can increase the price of your collectible coin. These are error coins, also called striking errors or mint errors.  These flaws occur in the mint during the process of making the coins – from preparing the metal for the planchets or coin blanks to striking the design using the metal stamping tool called coin dies. Minting defects are very rare, especially with the technology of modern coinage. Coins with flaws are not supposed to be issued for circulation and are instead recycled. Because of this, error coins are very valuable to coin collectors. In fact, error coins are generally more expensive than other collectible coins without mint mistakes.  There are also numismatic organizations that focus on error coin collecting. Some errors are unique while others may persist across an entire run of coins. Finding the history of the error is part of what interest collectors of these unusual and rare coins.

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